Au début, le consentement à l’arbitrage… Pour qu’il y ait arbitrage, chacune des parties doit apporter la preuve qu’elles ont bel et bien convenu d’utiliser l’arbitrage comme moyen de résolution de leur différend. La clause compromissoire, puisqu’il s’agit bien d’elle, constitue donc cet accord qui validera le consentement des parties à participer aux procédures arbitrales […]

From April 12-15, I was, along with two University of Georgia Law (UGA Law) classmates, volunteering at the 111th annual meeting of the American Society of International Law (ASIL) in Washington D.C. What a great networking occasion for young students interested in the legal management of international affairs and the development of a stronger and […]

Earlier this year, more than 111 million people watched the greatest comeback in the history of Super Bowl. As we were proud of both teams’ tremendous efforts, leadership, and competitiveness, we could never estimate the risks and dangers through which these brave actors were exposed during that game, and on a daily basis. No matter […]

Jammeh: I am not a coward. My right cannot be intimidated and violated. This is my position. Nobody can deprive me of that victory!Barrow: This is a victory for the Gambian nation. Our national flag will fly high among those of the most democratic nations of the world. Barrow: This is a victory for the […]

Arbitration is also valuable in that it provides the ability to have a dispute decided by others working in the same industry.

Give what you own for the benefit of Africa! As Africans we need to work together for the rise of our continent.

According to multiple readings, the CIA’s role is large to protect American corporate interests in various parts of the world. It is one of the best-known agencies that sets foreign policy, gathers, analyzes, and transmits information from other countries that might be important to the security of the nation. As a matter of fact, one question remains: is the CIA an INTERNATIONAL agency? At the service of the American foreign policy? What about the interests of the rest of the world?

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